Cough In Bronchitis?

Illustration of Cough In Bronchitis?
Illustration: Cough In Bronchitis?

want to ask, does the bronchitis or pneumonia cough occur continuously or only temporally (sometimes “), then what are the common characteristics of bronchitis coughing

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Bronchitis and pneumonia can both cause coughing. Cough will generally occur continuously during the disease process is still ongoing in both of these diseases. Cough in bronchitis in general is a cough accompanied by phlegm, can be accompanied by fever, wheezing breath, feeling weak. Pneumonia itself can also be characterized by cough with phlegm that is almost always accompanied by symptoms of high fever, shortness of breath, breath sounds, chest pain, and feeling of weakness.

Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between common cold coughs (colds / cold) with bronchitis and also distinguish bronchitis from pneumonia. But in general the symptoms felt in colds are usually not as severe as bronchitis (can only cough up phlegm, mild fever), while the symptoms of bronchitis are not as severe as pneumonia. Bronchitis and pneumonia can be distinguished through radiological examination (chest x-ray). It's best to consult a doctor immediately if you experience symptoms of pneumonia.

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