Cough In Hot Weather And Runny Nose In Cold Weather?

Illustration of Cough In Hot Weather And Runny Nose In Cold Weather?
Illustration: Cough In Hot Weather And Runny Nose In Cold Weather?

Good afternoon, I am Ariq, I am 18 years old, when I am in a hot place, I cough and if in a cold place I catch a cold. I’ve been to the doctor he said just a normal cough, when I search on google he said I got pneumonia. If I relapse well like that cough continuously, shortness of breath, left back sweating. , sometimes ² I like to compress with warm water into the area of ​​my left chest. But the right side is not doc. Is there a problem with the lungs and me?

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Hi Ariq,

Thank you for asking

When in an environment that is too cold, most sensitive people will indeed experience coughs and colds due to increased mucus production in the respiratory tract. Coughing and colds do not rule out the possibility also occurs when conditions are not cold, for example when you are exposed to dust, smoke, pollution, or experiencing respiratory infections, such as viruses or bacteria. Other conditions, such as the introduction of foreign bodies into the airways, asthma, prodromal symptoms of other organ system infections, immune disorders, to benign or malignant tumors in the respiratory tract can also trigger coughing and colds. Cough, in some cases, can also occur due to disorders of other organ systems (besides breathing), for example due to GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), congestive heart failure, side effects of drugs, and so on. Chest pain and shortness of breath can also occur due to psychosomatic disorders, panic attacks, heart attacks, muscle aches, nerve pain, pleurisy, or other diseases.

Pneumonia that you are worried about, refers to inflammation of the lung parenchyma. In adults, this condition is often caused by infection, can be due to viruses, bacteria, or other microorganisms. Not only coughs and colds, pneumonia sufferers will often also experience fever, chills, additional breath sounds, tightness, chest pain, and many other complaints with mild intensity, but some are severe. Do not rule out the possibility, indeed this condition can trigger your complaints at this time. However, your complaints can also arise due to other causes as mentioned above.

To be clear, you need to see yourself directly to a doctor or a specialist in internal medicine. With a thorough physical examination, and supporting examinations, such as x-rays, laboratories, and so on, often doctors can already detect if there is indeed a dangerous disease. Furthermore, then proper handling can be given.

In the meantime, you can try the following initial treatments:

Stay away from cigarettes, smoke, cold, dust, and other substances that can trigger airway inflammation, for example by wearing a mask
Eat a variety of foods rich in vitamin C, for example guava, orange, strawberries
Compress the thoracic chest with warm water
Exercise every day, especially stretching sports, such as swimming, yoga
Avoid excessive sadness, anxiety and fear
Enough and regular sleep on a comfortable sleeping pad, not too soft, not too hard
Pay attention to your body position when activating to remain ergonomic, so as not to cause injury

Hope this helps ...

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