Cough In Infants Aged 4 Weeks

Hello, I am Fifin and I want to ask, my child is only 4 weeks old and he has been coughing for 12 days. This coughing occurs when she is breastfeeding and after finishing breastfeeding, my child is in a hurry when breastfeeding and when he finishes breathing he loses. The cough is not accompanied by a cold and fever. And after each breastfeeding I also try to make my child burp. What I want to ask is the danger of coughing like that and when should I bring it to the doctor for examination if it needs examination. Please answer yes, thank you.

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Hello Fifin Damayanti,

Coughing can occur when there is a foreign object that is irritating the respiratory tract. Babies born at term are generally already have good swallowing reflexes so that they do not experience difficulty when breastfeeding. But when the baby suckles quickly coupled with overflow (a lot of milk comes out) and ejection of fast milk from the breast causes breast milk that should be swallowed (respiratory tract / esophagus) to choke causing coughing.

Some ways you can avoid choking on a baby, especially if you have a large volume of milk:

Correct the position of breastfeeding baby
If the child coughs while nursing, temporarily stop the baby from being tilted and gently pat the baby's back. When the baby breathes regularly and no longer coughs, you can continue breastfeeding.
Help to control the volume and speed of milk that comes out by using your fingers that pinch the back of the nipple
Feed the baby once every 2-3 hours, replace the side breast after 6 hours
In some cases, mothers need to avoid pumping breast milk before breastfeeding the baby. This can stimulate the expenditure of breast milk very much. But in some cases it is also advisable to pump breast milk 1 hour before breastfeeding the baby directly so that the volume of breast milk has decreased.

Things that you should pay attention to that require you to take your child to a doctor are:

When breastfeeding the child looks crowded and bluish (easily observed around the lips)
Weak sucking power
The child stops breathing for a few seconds while breastfeeding
Wheezing or snoring breath sounds
A strange crying sound after suckling
The child looks congested after feeding, like gasping water
Children cough colds repeatedly
Children experiencing growth disorders, weight does not go up

If you have done the above, but coughing and breathing fast when breastfeeding always happens every time you breastfeed a child. It is best to check with a doctor to evaluate other factors besides breast milk overflow, such as abnormalities in the baby's oral cavity, abnormalities in swallowing the baby, other disorders such as congenital heart disease, and the possibility of aspiration pneumonia due to repeated choking of the baby during breastfeeding.

Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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