Cough Medicine Suitable For Children After Recovering From Pneumonia?

Illustration of Cough Medicine Suitable For Children After Recovering From Pneumonia?
Illustration: Cough Medicine Suitable For Children After Recovering From Pneumonia? Bing

at afternoon, 3 weeks ago my son (4.2 years old) got pneumonia and was hospitalized for 4 days. and now it hasn’t been a month to heal, it’s been 3 days my child has a cold again, what is the right medicine for my child? should i go back to the doctor? Thank You.

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Cough in children is mostly caused by inflammation of the upper respiratory tract. This inflammation has various causes, can be allergies or the most common is a viral infection. A weakened immune system, for example due to lack of food, rest, or extreme weather causes viral infections to occur easily.

In the case of your child who previously suffered from pneumonia (pneumonia) it is also necessary to think about the possibility of the disease recurring. Although not sure but it should be checked directly to the doctor to be safer. The best treatment from the doctor will be adjusted to the cause found. Children's cough medicine will usually also be given by a doctor, it can be syrup, tablets, or powder, adjusted to the child's clinical condition, weight, and type of cough (dry or phlegm). For the type of cough medicine, it's a good idea to immediately consult with your doctor so that you don't give it the wrong way.

Some simple tips for handling a child's cough:

· Continue to breastfeed if you are still breastfeeding

· Drink lots of water, especially warm water

· Consume honey mixed with lime and water to reduce coughing

Keep the environment around the child clean and warm

· Keep children away from exposure to dust and smoke

· Give the child warm clothes if cold weather is judged to be the cause of the cough

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