Cough Medicine That Is Safe For Babies Aged 8 Months?

Illustration of Cough Medicine That Is Safe For Babies Aged 8 Months?
Illustration: Cough Medicine That Is Safe For Babies Aged 8 Months?

In the morning I want to ask what cough medicine for an 8-month-old baby is safe, I have already taken it to the doctor, but only given a cold medicine, the cough medicine is not fixed … Thank you …

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Good evening, thanks for the question

Although most cases of mild cold cough in infants do not cause complications, the condition can often cause anxiety for parents. Most cases of children will improve on their own without medication.

Coughing is the body's normal reaction to expel mucus from the airways to protect the lungs. There is no specific treatment for mild cold cough, where a viral infection does not require antibiotic therapy. Children only need to rest and eat nutritiously to restore endurance. Generally a cold cough will subside after 1 or 2 weeks spontaneously without treatment. For children over 2 years a cold cough medicine can be given but it will not change the natural course of the disease and does not speed healing of the disease. Natural remedies for coughing include consuming more water, especially warm water to relieve the airway.

Over-the-counter cold cough medicines are not recommended for children younger than 2 years. That is because its use has not been tested for effectiveness in children. Besides that, it is known that some of the ingredients have quite a number of side effects. It is better not to give children drugs freely without doctor's recommendation and supervision because of the fear of wrong dosage, wrong indication, or wrong way of administration which can adversely affect the child. If the cough does not improve within 3 weeks, you should check with a doctor to get the right treatment.

Beware of signs of danger in a child's cold cough, including:
1. Lips and fingertips appear to turn blue
2. Fast breathing
3. Do not want to eat and drink
4. Dehydration
5. Cough more than 3 weeks
6. Child looks weak

If you experience these complaints then consult immediately with your doctor to get adequate treatment.

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