Cough Medicine That Is Safe Without A Doctor’s Prescription?

Good afternoon doctor, my name is Hamdan, currently while living in the interior of Mount Raung. I want to ask doc.dis here most people are coughing both phlegm and dry and accompanied by fever and flu, I plan to give a cough medicine BISOLVON (bromhexine hydroclorine 4mg, guaifenesin 100mg) along with ANTIBIOTIC AMOXAN 500MG. The question is whether I can provide the medicines for them doc. Because they don’t want to go to the hospital? Thank you very much, please input

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Good afternoon Hamdan, thanks for asking.

Coughing is the body's response to cleanse the airways of anything. There are 2 types of cough, phlegm and dryness. Phlegm cough is often accompanied by fever and flu. Cough with phlegm is caused by many respiratory infections. The causes of cough with phlegm can vary, namely:

Acute tonsillopharyngitis: infection of the tonsils and throat, symptoms: coughing, swallowing pain and fever
Sinusitis: inflammation of the sinuses, symptoms: nasal congestion, thick green phlegm, facial area pain, and fever
Pneumonia: infection of the lungs, symptoms mild to severe, fever, cough with phlegm, shortness of breath.
Pulmonary TB: pulmonary infection by bacteria. Tuberculosis, symptoms of a long cough, fever at night, and weight loss.
Chronic bronchitis: inflammation of the lower respiratory tract (bronchi), the symptoms of a long cough disappearing> 3 weeks, sometimes accompanied by phlegm

OTC drugs are drugs that can be purchased without a doctor's prescription. The hallmark of over-the-counter medicines is the packaging, which is a green circle and a black-striped border that is sold in all outlets. The limited free drugs have a blue circle symbol with a black border, and accompanied by a warning listing on the packaging, these drugs are usually sold at pharmacies and drug stores that have permission.

The use of drugs has the risk of over-the-counter medicines, especially if not consumed according to medical indications, namely:

OTC drugs that are consumed are not in accordance with the disease suffered because of incomplete examination from the doctor
risk of drug side effects
drug allergy, can be mild symptoms of itching, to the heaviest of which are shortness of breath and loss of consciousness
risk of drug interactions
improper dosage
safety level in pregnant and lactating women

Thank you for your concern, dry cough and phlegm cough that occurs in the community around you, needs further study. Is the cause of coughing in a mild bacterial infection community or is it a severe disease. Treatment for each person can be different even though the symptoms are almost similar, because therapy is based on the cause. Providing therapy without a doctor's supervision, will result in less optimal treatment and may be able to obscure the diagnosis if the patient is examined further. People who are sick are advised to seek treatment at primary health care facilities (community service facilities) such as the nearest public health center or private doctor's practice.

To reduce symptoms, you can encourage the community:

Gargle with plain water or salt water for at least 60 seconds, three times a day.
Get plenty of rest 6-8 hours a day
Consumption of mineral water at least 8 glasses a day, warm water is recommended nails
Bathing with warm water can help thin phlegm.
Avoid contact with people with colds and other coughs.
A healthy and nutritious diet
If the fever, multiply drink> 8 glasses a day, compress warm water
If the flu / cold can cause warm water vapor.

Thus, hopefully can help.

Greetings, Dr. Novalia A.

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