Cough Medicine?

Illustration of Cough Medicine?
Illustration: Cough Medicine?

In the afternoon, I asked my son, my child is only 2 months and a half. I have coughed up phlegm for more than a month. I have taken it to the doctor how many times have I taken it to the doctor for the first time I was given drops but the cough was still not healed. I was brought to the hospital instead I was told to replace soy milk .udh this week to replace the soya milk, the sputum is a bit runny. but the cough still doesn’t change. why do I continue soya milk do I have to take it to the doctor again? Please explain, thank you …

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cough in children aged 2.5 months should get medical attention such as a pediatrician. A cough that lasts more than 1 month in a child can be caused by various causes, such as:

Asthma bronchiale exposure to smoke or infectious pollutants such as pertussis, chlamydia bronchiolitis structural abnormalities of the airway aspiration pneumonia There are various causes that can cause a prolonged cough in infants aged 2.5 months. One possible cause of persistent cough is bronchial asthma. Asthma is a condition where there is hypersensitivity in the airways. Asthma in children can cause prominent coughing symptoms, which can be accompanied by shortness of breath and wheezing. Asthma can be triggered due to the influence of too cold air, dust, or in some cases it can be caused by certain formula milk. So, if you are suspected of being influenced by formula milk, the doctor will usually recommend replacing it with soy milk.

if your child has not improved, it is still recommended that you check your child again to a pediatrician, so that the doctor can check your child's condition again. maybe later there will be further tests such as sputum examination, x-rays if necessary.

Here's an article you can read about coughing in babies

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