Cough Not Heal?

Illustration of Cough Not Heal?
Illustration: Cough Not Heal?

Hello, I have been coughing since February 25 until today, March 22, but it has not healed even though the intensity has decreased. Feb, 9 Mar and 17 Mar. I was given antibiotics and cough medicine, it was reduced but did not recover completely … I also checked for x-rays because I have a history of pneumonia but the results this time were clean, there were no problems in my lungs. get tired quickly and body aches easily … I wonder why ,?

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A good afternoon. Thank you for asking

Prolonged cough conditions can occur due to several things that might be related to the cause that you are experiencing such as

 Long-term bacterial infections such as tuberculosis, this can usually be accompanied by conditions of weight loss, night sweats Allergies are usually the typical thing that appears at certain times such as when the air is cold, exposed to hair or dust exposure Inflammation of long-term respiratory tract areas such as COPD (lung disease chronic inflammation) this is usually related to a history of smoking or exposure to dust or pollution of the lung in relation to the condition you are experiencing especially there is a history of previous lung disease so you should do further examination to a pulmonary specialist so that you can do a more thorough examination. Some things that should be done are

 Avoid pollution or direct dust exposure The house should be exposed to sunlight Use a cover or face shield when exposed to direct dust Avoid smoking Keep your diet and exercise regularly Thus Hopefully useful

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