Cough On Toddlers Until They Cry

Illustration of Cough On Toddlers Until They Cry
Illustration: Cough On Toddlers Until They Cry

Afternoon doc, I have toddlers aged 21 months, currently coughing up until bedtime, awakening, like choking, what I want to ask is, can I give you drugs that you buy directly at the pharmacy, about what kind of medicine is given?

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Hello Lutfi, thank you for asking at

Complaints such as those experienced by your child to reduce it are allowed by using cough medicines that are sold freely by selecting the type of cough medicine according to sputum or not and also if there are other complaints that accompany. The dosage given is also recommended to be adjusted to the dose listed on the cough medicine package.

If your child has been given the drug for at least 3-4 days but the complaint does not experience improvement, it is advisable to check your child further to the doctor for further evaluation and treatment. If other complaints arise such as high fever, shortness of breath, or loss of consciousness, immediately go to the emergency room of the nearest hospital to get immediate help.

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