Cough, Runny Nose, And Headache Are These Symptoms Of Co-19?

Illustration of Cough, Runny Nose, And Headache Are These Symptoms Of Co-19?
Illustration: Cough, Runny Nose, And Headache Are These Symptoms Of Co-19?

Morning Doc, permission to ask, I have had a cough and a half week experience a cough, runny nose, sometimes I have a headache, but sometimes my body temperature is sometimes hot. Before, I shook hands with several people (2 weeks ago), on one side the weather conditions in my area were indeed not friendly (hot morning, rainy days and nights) and my area was included in the area of ​​the spread of Covid 19’a quite significant. From my symptoms, is this a suspected factor of Covid 19, Doc? thank you.

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A history of coughing colds that you have felt about a week and a half ago, accompanied by a fever that sometimes goes up or down as well as the risk of your area of ​​residence or city being a local transmission area of ​​Covid-19 infection, so if the fever complaint shows a temperature of more than 38 degrees celsius it is necessary to confirm further examination to ascertain the risk of covid-19 infection, such as a rapid examination of Covid-19. However, if your body temperature fluctuates around 37 degrees Celsius, then the complaint that you feel is likely to have a small risk of covid-19 infection.

Similarly, it relates to other signs or other complaints from covid viruses at risk, such as tightness complaints. If you already have complaints of cough and colds and other comorbidities for about one and a half weeks, then if you are infected with Covid-19, the progression of this infection will occur more quickly, such as complaints of shortness of breath or heavy breathing. This can happen because you have not received special treatment related to Covid-19 treatment, so that complaints of tightness will arise and follow complaints of coughing and fever.

Therefore, even if you are in a region designated as a local transmission area, but you do not experience complaints of tightness and fever of more than 38 degrees after one and a half weeks of walking, then the complaint that you feel might not be a Covid -19 infection. You still feel cough and other comorbid complaints because of several possibilities such as:

 You are still experiencing physical fatigue Still often sleeping late at night Still consuming oily foods, fried foods, instant foods, or beverages in the package Have not seen a doctor and have not received treatment and treatment directly from your doctor You drink irregularly Or because your stamina is still not recovering so that your immune system decreases. In addition, the possibility of other diseases can also give a similar picture, such as throat, tonsils, bronchitis, or GERD / stomach acid disorders.

Whereas the signs, symptoms and risk factors of patients with Covid -19 can be:

 Cough Fever more than 38 degrees celsius. Other causes can not be ascertained against complaints of pain at this time Shortness of breath Within 14 days of contact with suspicious patients Covid-19 or positive patients Covid-19 In 14 days you travel far or outside the city / abroad where the area it is a local transmission area. Even if you are in a risky area but have a fever of more than 38 degrees Celsius and a complaint of tightness is absent, then this might not be a Covid-19 Virus infection. However, you should still work on a number of things related to the recovery and evaluation of cough complaints that you feel in a period of alertness to Corona, such as:

 Avoid activities at home, so stay at home until the condition of your area declared safe. Stay at home to restore stamina and endurance Do self-distancing or social distancing in your home against your family members and outside your home, this is done to prevent the risk of contact and accretion of patients Covid increases Avoid spicy foods, greasy foods, fried foods, instant foods or foods that are not maintained hygiene If accompanied by complaints of fever more than 38 degrees celsius and or shortness of breath, immediately to the provincial hospital or city hospital where you live do early detection independently at the link the following

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