Cough, Runny Nose, Fever And Dry Throat?

I got febrile and fever after taking my cold medicine, but tomorrow I feel fever again and my throat feels really dry, why is that? Is there inflammation?

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It looks like you have a cough, runny nose and sore throat, which is medically called rhinopharyngitis. This condition is caused by an infection, it can be bacterial or viral, with the most common cause being a virus. Viral infections can heal on their own without special treatment, where the body's own immune system will fight the virus. Therefore, it takes adequate nutrition and rest to be able to increase the strength of the immune system. The drugs given by doctors, are drugs to relieve symptoms, such as fever-lowering drugs to reduce fever. However, after the effects of the drug run out the fever can re-emerge. Therefore, fever-lowering drugs need to be consumed to be free of fever or fever is no longer available. Usually it will last 3-5 days. The better the immune system, the faster the healing time is achieved.
To help relieve the symptoms of fever, in addition to taking fever-lowering drugs, you can also compress your forehead, armpits and neck using a towel soaked in warm water. To speed the healing of strep throat and cough, consume warm water and warm honey mixed with squeezed oranges. You can also take the drug ambroxol to thin the intestinal mucus or sputum.
If within 5 days the complaint still does not improve or the cough becomes yellow or greenish phlegm, you should consult a doctor nearest. The possibility of a viral infection has been followed by a bacterial infection. So antibiotics are needed to overcome them.
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