Cough, Shortness Of Breath And Fever In 7 Year Olds?

Illustration of Cough, Shortness Of Breath And Fever In 7 Year Olds?
Illustration: Cough, Shortness Of Breath And Fever In 7 Year Olds?

I want to ask if a 7-year-old child has a cough, shortness of breath and fever. What should be done to deal with this, please explain?

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The symptoms experienced by your child (cough, fever, shortness of breath), are symptoms of infection of the respiratory tract. In the corona virus pandemic as it is now, symptoms such as that experienced by your child should always be suspected of leading to corona virus infection (COVID-19 disease). To be sure, must be checked first. You can try to call 119 ext 9 to find out the flow of further examination.

Meanwhile the following are some things you can do:

Children must be isolated at home, not allowed to leave the house at all unless very forced (for example for the purpose of seeing a doctor)
Wear a mask on the child and the person caring for the child must also wear a mask
Children must sleep in their own room, not combined with other people
Keep contact as minimal as possible with children, if there are elderly people and people with comorbid diseases in your home, avoid contact at all with children
Ask the child and everyone in your home to wash your hands with soap as often as possible, have the child practice the correct cough etiquette (cover the nose and mouth with the inside of the elbow)
Do not eat one plate with children, do not use cutlery together with children
Give paracetamol to treat child fever, do not give ibuprofen
If there are people in your home who are also starting to show similar symptoms, immediately isolate themselves also at home
If the symptoms of shortness of breath in the child get worse, immediately call 119 ext 9 to find out the nearest referral hospital.
When you want to do an examination (if it is recommended to do an examination after calling 119), make sure the child always uses his mask

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