Cough Up Almost 2 Months?

Illustration of Cough Up Almost 2 Months?
Illustration: Cough Up Almost 2 Months?

Doctor, my mother has been coughing for almost 2 months, went to general polyclinic, poly tht, finished her cough medicine again, already checked for sputum negative TB, and finally to lung poly. The doctor said lung dkasih dlu medicine, if it’s still not healed, it’s likely that there is allergic cough that there is therapy. 1x therapy, (therapy or injection) I am somewhat unclear, the cost is 500 thousand. And the therapy is 3x. I ask is there any other alternative, because of the quite expensive treatment costs. Please help the doctor’s explanation. Thank you for your attention.

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Hi Wulan,

Thank you for asking

There are various conditions that can cause coughing. Here are some of the most common causes:

Dry throat, for example if your mother is breathing frequently through the mouth, often screaming Allergies, for example due to exposure to cold, pollen, dust mites Irritation, for example if your mother is often active in a smoky environment, polluted infection, can be due to viruses or bacteria Acid reflux stomach, as in patients with GERD Other diseases, for example congestive heart failure, lung cancer or other airways, asthma, immune system disorders, side effects of drugs, etc. Various possible causes of cough above can have different treatments, depending on the cause, severity, and general condition of the patient. Without checking your mother directly, it is difficult for us to identify exactly what handling needs to be done. However, if it is true that the cough he is experiencing is caused by an allergy, this condition actually cannot be cured. However, allergic symptoms can be controlled so that they do not always recur, for example by administering anti-allergic medicines, immunotherapy, and so on. The doctor who examined your mother directly would know more about this.

Our advice, you consult directly with your doctor or internist who treats your mother. A good doctor will only provide treatment in accordance with the patient's condition. If you have problems with costs, you can consult directly with the doctor to be given alternative solutions, including steps that must be taken so that these cost problems can be resolved.

Here are our initial suggestions for your mother:

Avoid exposure to allergens and irritants of the respiratory tract (as mentioned above) Use a mask so as not to enter harmful substances into the airways, and not transmit the disease to others Increase endurance, by consuming nutritious foods, fruits rich in vitamin C, regular exercise, lots drink, and get enough rest. Reduce consumption of oily, spicy, cold, and stubborn food. Don't smoke. Don't consume drugs carelessly. Hope it helps.

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