Cough With Black Phlegm Since 7 Days Ago

Illustration of Cough With Black Phlegm Since 7 Days Ago
Illustration: Cough With Black Phlegm Since 7 Days Ago

Doc, I have permission to ask about my complaints. from last week I coughed up black phlegm, and alleviated the symptoms by taking u003cem u003eSuccus Liquiritae Ammonium Chloride u003c / em u003e. from starting 5 days ago I experience chest pain and often when drinking water it hurts in my chest. I have a habit of staying up late and smoking 1 pack / day. is that a symptom of pneumonia or the like?

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There is a complaint of cough accompanied by black sputum that you feel since 7 days with smoking and staying up late, so complaints of cough with black phlegm are likely caused by ruptured blood vessels in the lungs due to coughing and inflammation. The black color provides information on the existence of broken blood vessels and the blood is old so it is darker than it should be. Or bleeding in the airway has occurred before and blood does not immediately come out directly from the lungs but still in your airways, so this gives a picture of phlegm and darker blood.

Patients with coughing up blood or dark coughs can also be accompanied by some accompanying complaints, such as:

Chest pain
High cough frequency
Out of breath
A cold sweat
Decreased body weight
Easily tired

Because Covid-19 is currently also in a state of vigilance, it is necessary to consult and inspect directly at the provincial hospital or government hospital in your city. Consult the pulmonary poly section at a government hospital. If within 14 days you have a history of contact with a patient who is suspicious of Covid-19 or positive of Covid-19, or you are in the red zone area of ​​Covid-19, then your doctor can evaluate the risk of Covid 19 infection.

In addition, the doctor will also consider several other medical conditions that can trigger complaints that you feel, such as:

Pulmonary TB infection
Non-specific lung infections, such as those due to fungal lung infections, viral infections in the lungs
Lung cyst
blood clotting disorders, so that blood vessels break easily

The doctor can plan necessary investigations, such as blood tests, sputum examinations or radiological examinations or other supporting examinations according to the results of examinations that have been done. Thus, doctors can ascertain the cause and plan treatment according to the indications.

Furthermore, during the recovery and treatment of a doctor, you should note the following things, note:

Avoid cigarettes
Avoid fried / oily foods, instant foods, and packaged foods
Inadequate water and healthy food
Hidnari sleeps late at night
Avoid physical fatigue
Use a mask
Staying at home after getting treatment from a doctor
Get used to wash hands with soap and water

Thus the info we can convey.

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