Cough With Phlegm And Sore Throat Like Being Stabbed?

Illustration of Cough With Phlegm And Sore Throat Like Being Stabbed?
Illustration: Cough With Phlegm And Sore Throat Like Being Stabbed? Bing

Evening, I want to ask..rnRecently I have been coughing for about 2 months. At first I only felt sore throat for 1 week. Then cough for the first week without phlegm, then accompanied by phlegm and getting worse at night until the morning. At first I only gave regular cough medicine, but it didn’t get better and then I went to the health center, given cough medicine u0026amp; antihistamines. When the cough is more than 2 weeks, the BTA check results are negative but the BTA check is only done once u0026amp; He was given cough medicine and the antibiotic amoxicillin. When I asked if I needed a chest X-ray or a blood test, the doctor at the puskesmas said there was no need. And so on, each control was given cough medicine u0026amp; antibiotics, over time the cough decreases u0026amp; I think the cough will get better. Then on the 5th week in the morning I had a fever until the evening, and 2 days after that my cough was getting worse, especially in the afternoons and evenings, but this severe cough has only been for 2 days. I then went back to the puskesmas and was given cough medicine, antihistamines, and antibiotics and the doctor said I was just allergic. By the 7th week the cough had subsided but I now feel like there is phlegm/fluid running down my throat from the top down u0026amp; when you inhale it feels cold behind your nose and throat. Week 8/9 the cough is much reduced but there is phlegm in the throat. Currently entering the 10th week, I have no complaints of coughing but I still feel phlegm in my throat so sometimes my voice becomes slower. Sometimes there is still pain in the throat like being stabbed. Is it true that I’m just allergic? How do I know if I’m allergic or not? Can allergies turn into asthma? Thanks for the info.. Sorry if the question is too long

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Hi Heriana,

Thanks for the question. The diagnosis of allergic cough is generally a diagnosis of exclusion or in other words, other possible causes of diagnosis must be considered first. If other diagnoses are not proven, then we can think about the cause of cough, namely allergies. Cough that has occurred for 2 months (chronic cough) can be caused by:

sinusitis gastric acid disease tuberculosis bronchitis side effects of drugs such as antihypertensive drugs lung cancer Because tuberculosis is one of the possible causes. Sputum examination BTA (acid-fast bacillus) will usually be recommended as much as 3 times. Even though the first test result is negative, it must be continued up to 3 times because to declare the test positive only one positive result from 3 sputum samples is needed. Please consult with an internal medicine specialist first so that the doctor can find out more about your complaint and examine Adan to find the cause. The doctor will usually carry out other examinations according to the results of your interview and physical examination, for example in the form of blood tests, sputum examinations, chest X-rays, or endoscopy. From the results of this examination, the doctor will determine the right treatment for you.

For a while, you can try consuming warm water mixed with lemon and honey. Avoid throwing phlegm carelessly and make sure you cover your mouth when coughing. Don't forget to always keep your hands clean. Avoid smoking and other air pollution.

Hope this information is useful.

Dr. Aloisia

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