Cough With Phlegm Whether Covid Symptoms?

Illustration of Cough With Phlegm Whether Covid Symptoms?
Illustration: Cough With Phlegm Whether Covid Symptoms?

My child is 13 years old, 2 weeks ago was hospitalized because of dengue fever. Yesterday complained of a sore throat to swallow and talk. I guess from eating chocolate and sugary drinks, and instant noodles. Today appeared coughing up phlegm. My child is every day taking vitamins and always at home. What are the symptoms of Covid 19?

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Hello Deassy,

Thank you for the question.

Sore throat accompanied by cough is most often caused by strep throat (pharyngitis). This condition, in addition can occur due to infection (including infection with the Corona virus that causes COVID-19), can also occur due to allergies, irritation, and even malignancy around the throat.

Not only pharyngitis, complaints that your child is experiencing may also be caused by reflux of stomach acid into the throat, excessive stretch of the vocal cords, tonsillitis, rhinosinusitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, immune disorders, asthma, and many other diseases. Physical conditions that are not so good after being sick (in this case dengue fever), can indeed make your child much more vulnerable to experiencing these various complaints.

If there is no fever, shortness of breath, or severe vomiting, often conditions like that experienced by your child are not dangerous. If it feels disturbing, you can try to do first:

Give your child paracetamol as long as his throat is still painful
Remind him to drink a lot and rest a lot in the house
Don't give him food that has artificial sweetness, oily, spicy, and cold
Keep children from smoke, dust, cigarettes, pollution, cold, and other substances that can worsen their complaints
Give the child a mask while still coughing
Keep the child away from other people who are coughing, sneezing, runny nose, and fever
Put the child in the sun in the morning so the mucus causes the cough to melt

Conversely, if there are severe complaints as mentioned above, or your child and / or someone who is at home with him has contact with sufferers or suspects of COVID-19, then you can check him directly to the doctor or pediatrician to be given further treatment according to the cause the complaint is ...

I hope this helps.

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