Cough With Phlegm

Illustration of Cough With Phlegm
Illustration: Cough With Phlegm

Good afternoon, doctor. I want to ask, I cough very easily, and in 2018 I coughed until my left upper chest felt a little painful when coughing and expelling phlegm, thick phlegm and white color. Had a photo of the chest and his expert BRONCITIS CHRONIC. I was prescribed by internist Fluimucil and Longatin for 2 weeks. After the medicine ran out, I had no complaints at all and was declared cured. Yesterday I cleaned the house and accidentally inhaled dust, so my throat felt like dry, I drank a lot of water and finally I coughed up phlegm. The branch is thick and white. Today the sputum is rather difficult to get out, so I breathe hot steam and drink warm ginger and sunbathe, finally the sputum starts to come out even though it’s still hard, and the left lower chest (under the breast) feels like pain when I want to take a deep breath and when coughing and expelling sputum. Is my bronchitis coming back again?

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Hello Nina, thank you for asking

Coughing is the body's natural reaction to defense in removing foreign substances from the respiratory tract. Coughing less than 3 weeks is still relatively acute. A cough that occurs continuously and added to other symptoms can be a sign of medical disorders and classified as chronic. Phlegm cough is a cough that does not produce phlegm and sometimes itches in the throat. Phlegm cough can be caused due to a viral or bacterial infection. Some diseases that cause cough with phlegm are as follows:


When a virus or bacteria enters the respiratory system and causes an infection, the brain will send signals through the spinal cord to the muscles in the chest and stomach. The muscles will contract when the respiratory system tries to expel these foreign substances. This is called a cough. When the coughing response appears repeatedly, the muscles will continue to contract and cough so many times that it will also cause pain in the chest as you feel now.

To overcome the cough with phlegm that you feel, depending on the cause of the cough. If the cause is a virus, then you can simply increase your immune system. But if the cause is bacterial, antibiotics are needed according to doctor's advice to overcome the cough. If the cough is disturbing, you can take medication to thin the phlegm such as bromhexine and guaifenesine. To reduce discomfort when coughing, you can also make the following efforts:

Drink plenty of warm water because the liquid will help thin the phlegm in the throat.
Avoid smoke and dust, because it will irritate the respiratory tract
Avoid foods that have a sharp taste like too spicy or too sweet.
If you smoke, then stop smoking

Apply a healthy diet by increasing fiber and fruit consumption
Get enough rest, relax and manage stress

I hope this helps


dr. Sussy

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