Cough With Throat Feels Dry Whether The Symptoms Of Corona?

Illustration of Cough With Throat Feels Dry Whether The Symptoms Of Corona?
Illustration: Cough With Throat Feels Dry Whether The Symptoms Of Corona?

Hello dock, I want to ask. At that time, the last time I went outside was just filling up at the gas station but not using a mask, I also bought food by the road. after that, the next day my throat itched, 2 days later I coughed and my throat felt dry, my body temperature was also hotter than usual, but still normal 35-36.5 u0026deg; C. then, are these the initial symptoms of the virus dock? thank you

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Hello Vania, thank you for asking at

Reading your complaint, it can indeed be an early symptom of Corona virus infection which is currently being spread in Indonesia, especially if the complaint appears within a span of 2-14 days after the possibility of exposure.

However, because your contact history is unclear and the possibility of your complaint can also be caused by several other possibilities such as common cold, influenza, ARI, inflammation of the throat, or inflammation of the tonsils, it is still quite high, so it is highly recommended to consult your complaint further to a doctor to evaluate both your condition and your risk for Corona virus infection. After being evaluated, it can be determined what treatment recommendations you should do based on your current condition.

In the meantime, besides going to the doctor or consulting online through the doctor chat feature in the application, you are also encouraged to:

 Stay at home for at least 14 days since the complaint was first felt Use a mask even at home, as long as the complaint is still felt, and make sure you change the mask regularly, take it off the right way and throw it in a closed trash can. Avoid using the mask as long as you don't experiencing complaints in your respiratory tract Washing your hands using soap and water or alcohol-based sanitizer at least 60-70% on a regular basis Give a distance between you and others at least 1 meter Increase consumption of sufficiently nutritious and balanced foods, especially vegetables and fruits Make sure foods that are your consumption is perfectly cooked Increase your water intake at least 2 liters a day Exercise regularly at least 30 minutes a day Get adequate rest at least 6-8 hours Avoid stress Avoid sharing food / drinks or personal equipment with others You are allowed to take cold-cough medicines and supplement supplement ah immune system / vitamins in accordance with the dosage on the packaging until there is further advice from the doctor If complaints arise shortness of breath immediately to the emergency room hospital to get further treatment Hopefully this helps.

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