Coughing And Mucus From The Mouth While Bathing?

Illustration of Coughing And Mucus From The Mouth While Bathing?
Illustration: Coughing And Mucus From The Mouth While Bathing?

Good night, honorable doctor, I want to ask, I take a shower during the day and when I shower for 10 minutes I cough and mucus is like that, but I keep throwing the mucus away and I don’t give up, I have stopped smoking even though and finally after I’m tired of throwing away the mucus by coughing I finished my shower and I felt it was okay, after the afternoon I started coughing and the mucus continued and at night to be precise at 19.00 I was as rich as asthma every time I breathed the sound of ngikkk ngikk ngikkk and exhaling only a little, even though I don’t have a history of asthma, why is that? Can I have asthma? R n r nplease help r n Thank you very much to the doctor who took the time to answer my questions

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Hello Dandy, Thank you for the question.

Coughing is a defense response from the respiratory tract from irritation, foreign objects, or mucus to get out of the lungs. The production of mucus in the respiratory tract can increase if there is inflammation or infection of the respiratory tract. Cough accompanied by shortness of breath can be caused by the following health conditions:

chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

The wheezing sound that is heard in the respiratory tract when you breathe is caused by a narrowing of the airways which can be caused by inflammation or excessive mucus production. These symptoms are not always related to asthma.

Asthma is a long-term disease of the respiratory tract caused by inflammation that causes narrowing of the respiratory tract and makes sufferers experience shortness of breath. In addition to shortness of breath, the sufferer experiences stones, chest pain and wheezing.

Please check with your doctor to determine the cause because without a doctor's examination it is impossible to determine the cause of your complaint. The doctor will ask further questions about this complaint and examine you. The doctor will also perform other supporting examinations such as blood tests, sputum tests, or X-rays to find the cause. From this examination the doctor will determine the next treatment according to the medical condition you are experiencing.

You can also do this recommendation:

inhale steam from a bowl of hot water or consume a warm drink to help soften mucus
gargle with warm salt water
multiply the consumption of nutritious foods
avoid smoking and exposure to other air pollutants
avoid throwing phlegm carelessly

Hope this information helps you.

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