Coughing And Sputum Bleeding?

Illustration of Coughing And Sputum Bleeding?
Illustration: Coughing And Sputum Bleeding?

Good morning, I coughed for 5 days in medicine. The cough was getting worse and the sputum was bloody like that, truss, the throat was like an adrenaline … that’s … dunx … that’s why ea dox

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Hello Niztienz,

In the case of cough that is accompanied by blood, the doctor needs more information about how the color of blood is fresh red or dark red, how much blood is coming out, is every time the cough always accompanied by blood, as well as several other questions related to your history, lifestyle and family history.

Bloody cough is a symptom of an illness. As for some diseases that often cause the condition of cough accompanied by blood, including:

bronchitis, which is inflammation of the airways called the bronchi
Lung infections, one of which is an infection caused by a bacterium called mycobacterium tubercullosis, a disease known as tuberculosis.

fluid buildup in the lungs, or sadly called pulmo edema

lung cancer
drug side effects, especially blood-thinning drugs
autoimmune disease

due to the many possible causes of the condition of coughing up blood, you should check with your doctor again and present your current condition. if you want to go to a doctor that is different from the previous doctor, or in a different health facility from where you seek treatment, you should take along the medicines that you have consumed for you to tell the doctor who will examine you later.

You should not delay to see a doctor. In addition to conducting a physical examination, the doctor will also suggest a number of supporting examinations if necessary such as sputum examination, chest X-ray and blood tests. don't forget to always use a mask for now.

so hopefully this information is useful

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