Coughing Colds In Infants

Illustration of Coughing Colds In Infants
Illustration: Coughing Colds In Infants

Doc, my child is 10 months old. These 3 daily cough flu, which is severe these two days, the snot comes out continuously, the body only anget not fever, decreased appetite, what drugs are suitable for babies who are not taken, doc? because my child is hard to take medicine, always come out again with vomiting. u003cbr u003edan, this is not a symptom of corona right doc? honestly i am afraid

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Hello parahita

Thank you for asking

I understand your concern, especially when it is a pandemic at this time, it is true that the corona virus attacks the airways similar to flu but usually the symptoms of the corona virus are typical with high fever, coughing and shortness of breath, and people who act positively infected with the corona virus, and for find out if you have corona virus, you should have a throat swab or raid test, but this examination is confirmed by those who are at risk and have severe symptoms. If your baby has flu symptoms, it's better to do independent isolation at home. Don't let your child come into direct contact with others, and try to get everyone at home wearing a mask.

to find out the child's fever should be examined with a body temperature gauge not with the touch of the mom. angetnya children do not have fever, fever in medical science, babies are said to have a fever if the body temperature reaches 38 degrees Celsius or more. cough colds in children can be caused by viruses or bacteria and allergies, but usually caused by a virus that will heal itself within 2 weeks without treatment will usually recover with the body's immune power. There are several things you can do at home, including:

Give ASI: when your child is cough, Mother is recommended to give more ASI.
Saline is a nasal drop made from sterile saline solution and works to expel mucus in the baby's nose and throat. You can get this solution at the pharmacy.
Make sure the baby sleeps enough
So that your child can breathe more easily, position his head higher when he sleeps. Use extra pillows to support the head and shoulders.
If your child is more than 6 months old, give him to drink more water. Water will help thin the phlegm in the respiratory tract
If caused by alergan stay away from triggers such as dust, smoke, animal dander and pollen try to keep the house clean
Leave the house in the sun
You can make warm steam dripped with essential oil and eucalyptus oil to relieve children's interpretation
Mother can also overcome the Little Cough by bathing it with warm water or using an air humidifier or humidifier

if you have done the above but there is no lack you can buy a cold cough medicine that is sold freely at pharmacies that have a preferred flavor so that children do not get runny or vomit drink it. but if the child still has no improvement or is getting worse the onset of a high fever, and shortness of breath immediately bring it to the doctor for an examination so that the doctor can provide treatment according to the cause.

Thus the info I can give

hopefully can help you

and get well soon for your little one, thank you

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