Coughing Never Healed Overnight 2 Months?

Illustration of Coughing Never Healed Overnight 2 Months?
Illustration: Coughing Never Healed Overnight 2 Months?

Hello doctor … I want to ask .. why is it that my cough skit doesn’t heal ?? sudh bi-monthly .. I also already went to the doctor .. Sya in cough inflammation drugs, stomach ulcers (because I have stomach ulcers) vitamins, antibiotics and cough medicines .. had recovered .. but had coughing back coughing (coughing and itching) in the throat and phlegm) when I have a cough gt breathing is irregular and chest tightness and urinating even when I have it compressed .. My doctrine is that I am allergic to dust, cigarette smoke and pet animals (my sister pelhra cat but the puppies are still mashed and not smeared). the vaccine has been separated from the mother cat) … I want to recover … what should I do? Is it true that I have an allergy? Is there anything else ???

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Hello Rhay,

Thank you for the question.

A cough that does not heal for more than 2 months can be caused by many things, depending on the characteristics of the cough, such as whether it is phlegm and what color of phlegm or dry cough, is accompanied by other symptoms such as fever, weight loss, night sweats, what triggers cough, history of allergies, history of previous illnesses, and history of treatment. The following are possible causes of cough:

 Chronic bronchitis. Cough allergy. Asthma. Pneumonia. Tuberculosis. If your doctor provides information about possible allergies, then you must identify the allergic factors you have, including having a cat, either a kitten that has not been vaccinated or its mother, dust, and cigarette smoke, and avoiding it. The key to handling a cough caused by allergies is to avoid exposure to substances that can trigger allergies, so you can try to do this and take antihistamines prescribed by your doctor to see the response of these drugs if you have allergies.

If you have done this well at home but have not experienced improvement, then you can visit the doctor again to get further tests, such as blood tests, sputum testing if possible, and chest X-rays to rule out other possibilities.

Hopefully this information can help and hopefully get well soon.


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