Coughing Nonstop While Pregnant And Stomach Cramps?

Illustration of Coughing Nonstop While Pregnant And Stomach Cramps?
Illustration: Coughing Nonstop While Pregnant And Stomach Cramps?

Tonight I was 7 months pregnantUdh 2 days 2 mlm I coughed nonstop until my stomach hurt like a vein in my right stomach was tugging. Even to the point it feels cramped. Even it’s hard to lie down … The fetus doesn’t move as much as usual. Is it dangerous for the fetus? How? Thank you

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In most cases, coughing during pregnancy is actually not a dangerous condition. Most of these coughs occur due to a dry throat, for example if you often indulge in an air-conditioned or fan-cooled environment. Cough can also occur due to other triggers, such as irritation (such as when inhaling certain chemical fumes), allergies, viral or bacterial infections, gastric acid reflux, asthma, side effects of drugs, reflux of stomach acid, and so on. Although most are not dangerous, but indeed, a persistent cough can make the muscles of the stomach and surrounding areas contract excessively so that it feels painful and uncomfortable for the sufferer, even to the point of reducing sleep quality. When you experience a cough, the discomfort that your body feels, can also indirectly have an impact on decreasing fetal movements in your womb.

If you have this condition, you should not take cough medicine. Try the following efforts first:

Do not use the AC or the fan is too cold, if necessary, do not use the AC and fan at all
Avoid consuming foods and drinks that are cold, oily, and contain artificial sweeteners
Not too much screaming
Do not breathe through the mouth
Drink plenty of warm water, may add ginger or lemon juice
Expand to eat broth food, supplemented with vegetables and fruits that are rich in vitamin C
Rest more regularly, don't stay up
Make sure your environmental conditions are always clean
Stay away from cigarettes and smoke

However, if you feel that your cough is getting worse, or your fetus feels decreased drastically compared to usual, do not hesitate to go directly to the doctor or obstetrician, yes. Through a comprehensive examination, doctors are generally able to distinguish coughs associated with conditions that are related dangerous or not. That way, the doctor can give you the appropriate treatment.

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