Coughing Out Blood?

Illustration of Coughing Out Blood?
Illustration: Coughing Out Blood?, I want to ask ne, Why do people with lung disease, are taking medication 2x but still bleeding when coughing? Has it broken? Thanks.

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Hello Mayumi,

Thank you for asking

There are many types of lung disease. What kind of lung disease did you experience?

Exit blood when coughing is one of which can be caused by disorders of the lung, for example tuberculosis (TB, lung spots, Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection), pneumonia (inflammation of the lung parenchyma due to infection or aspiration), chronic bronchitis (inflammation of the airways leading to the lungs) , to lung cancer (malignant tumors in the lung parenchyma). Not only that, coughing up blood can also arise due to disorders of other organs, such as nosebleeds swallowed back, coughing too hard, rhinosinusitis, tonsillopharyngitis, throat cancer, GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), blood clotting disorders, and so on.

Unfortunately, you do not explain what lung disease is meant. Therefore, it is also difficult for us to assess whether the coughing of blood that you are experiencing is related to the disease, inadequate treatment, or whether there are other possible causes.

Therefore, you should check yourself back at the doctor or a specialist in internal medicine so that your condition can be handled properly. So that the coughing of blood does not recur, in addition to undergoing treatment properly according to doctor's advice, do also:

Don't cough or expel phlegm too hard
much rest
Eat foods high in calories, high in protein
Don't overdo eating greasy, berampas, cold, and artificial-flavored foods
Do not smoke, stay away from the smoke too
Drink plenty of warm water

Hope this helps ...

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