Coughing, Runny Nose Accompanied By Slimy Diarrhea In 2-year-old Children?

Illustration of Coughing, Runny Nose Accompanied By Slimy Diarrhea In 2-year-old Children?
Illustration: Coughing, Runny Nose Accompanied By Slimy Diarrhea In 2-year-old Children?

Hello doctor, I’m Rohayati. My child Alif, 2 years and over 3 weeks. I want to ask, my child coughed and had a fever and then I was treated with a drug pharmacy. Not long after taking medicine, my child no longer coughed. Then 3 days later, my child every night his nose was blocked without mucus. I dare not give the same medicine worry that the effect of the drug. The next day my child had a cold with a cough but no fever, and symptoms at night. During the day my child does not cough badly and have no colds. I can’t dare to give the same medicine and not to the doctor. I only gave a baby balm, before each night and I love drinking lots of water. Right now it’s been 3 days my child still coughs every night, but doesn’t have a cold. But today my child has chapted three times, and there is a kind of mucus in the chapter. When should I see a doctor? Because I once read the article of one of the doctors on Instagram if a 2-year-old child is coughing off in a hurry to be given medicine. Thus, please explain. thank you

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Hello Saia,

Thank you for asking

Giving drugs to infants and children should indeed be very limited, only if there is really an appropriate medical indication that is the underlying, and even then with direct supervision from a doctor. Likewise, the case of cough and cold as your child experiences.

Most coughs and colds in children occur due to allergies or viral infections. Both of these conditions will often improve by avoiding the trigger allergens, as well as being balanced with excellent endurance. So, it is not always coughing and colds in children need to be overcome by administering drugs. However, in some conditions, for example if a cough and runny nose appears that doesn't go away for more than 1 week, or if the cough and runny nose appears accompanied by more severe complaints, for example shortness of breath, fever, vomiting, bluish lips, diarrhea, and so on, it's clear you can't stay silent. You need to have your child checked directly by a doctor or pediatrician to be given the best treatment according to the conditions.

Your child's cough and runny nose that doesn't heal may indicate that the previous treatment isn't optimal. The diarrhea of ​​children who appear a little slimy is actually not always abnormal. This mucus can appear related to the type of food and drinks your child consumes. As long as the frequency of CHAPTER your child is still normal (no more than 3 times a day), is not runny, does not contain blood, and does not also make your child experience severe abdominal pain, vomiting, dehydration, or other complaints that are more severe, this condition also not always dangerous.

Since your child's complaints have been going on for a long time, you should not continue to let them be. Check him directly to the doctor or pediatrician, and do not carelessly give the child medicine at the pharmacy without checking it first to the doctor. It is feared that improper drug administration can actually make your child allergic or even worsen your baby's condition. If necessary, your doctor may recommend that your baby undergo blood tests, x-rays, or other supporting tests.

In the meantime, you can try the steps below:

Give children food and drinks that are healthy, nutritious, and varied in kind. Condition the environment around the child so that it is always clean, free of dust, not too cold (including by not using air conditioning or excessive fans), away from cigarettes and pollution Use air humidifiers in home so that air humidity in the environment is more awake Avoid giving children food and drinks that are cold, contain artificial sweeteners, or also contain excessive oil Let the child rest more Hopefully it helps huh ..

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