Coughing Up Mucus?

Illustration of Coughing Up Mucus?
Illustration: Coughing Up Mucus?

Hello. I want to ask my child for almost 2 weeks the cold cough has not recovered … Why is it … I have brought it to Puskesmas and given medicine. Still not healed

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From the Indo that you conveyed, the complaints of cold cough in children that do not improve can be caused by several factors, such as:

1. the environment around children a lot of cigarette smoke

2. Transmitted from adults who smoke or have chronic airway disease

3. care during illness that is not optimal

4. have a history of allergies

5. still consume foods that exacerbate complaints, such as crackers, noodles, meatballs, fried rice, fried foods, snacks, snacks, ice

6. Do not take medication regularly

7. Do not regain control after the drug runs out

Therefore, if the complaints of coughs and colds are still disturbing, evaluate the possible triggers and immediately return to the doctor at the health center, and immediately return to control after the medicine runs out but complaints still persist, avoid delaying the control period if the complaints are still being felt by your child. And if the two visits have not improved, you can also consult directly with a pediatrician.

What you can do is continue to increase the consumption of healthy foods and adequate water and milk for your children.

That is the information we can convey, read also cough.


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