Coughing Up Phlegm Accompanied By Colds And Fever

Illustration of Coughing Up Phlegm Accompanied By Colds And Fever
Illustration: Coughing Up Phlegm Accompanied By Colds And Fever

Hello, I am experiencing a cough with phlegm accompanied by fever +/- 37.9 u0026deg; C. Have been taking cough medicine and paracetamol as well as antibiotics and fever for 2 days. Then on the first night of coughing and fever, colds also appear. My question is, what is the cause of this cough and fever? Because only last January I experienced a similar illness. Last year, I also experienced it. So it’s kind of a routine disease. Even though recently I am diligently exercising and taking vitamins to prevent corona. Is it possible because of the use of fans at night that are too often huh? Thank you

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Complaints of fever accompanied by cough can be caused by various conditions. Different causes will certainly require different treatments.
Some of the causes in question include:

 Viral infections such as common cold, influenza, etc. Bacterial infections such as tuberculosis, pneumonia, bronchitis, COPD Asthma Malignancies in the lungs To find out the exact cause of the examination must be carried out starting from medical interviews, complete physical examination, and additional examinations such as blood tests, sputum , chest photo, chest CT scan, and so on. If the cause of the complaint is a bacterial infection of course the administration of antibiotics is needed, but if the cause is a viral infection the handling of symptoms and efforts to increase endurance will be carried out. Therefore, the use of drugs, let alone antibiotics without a doctor's prescription, is not recommended considering that undesirable side effects can occur if consumed not according to the rules and needs.
The following things you can do include:
 Consumption of healthy and nutritious eating Drink plenty of warm water, avoid drinks that are too sweet because it can stimulate cough Regular exercise Adequate rest Avoid exposure to cigarettes and alcohol Maintain personal hygiene Manage stress well Cover up when coughing Wear a mask during a saltiness in a coughing state Do the ethical principles of cough good and right Routine hand with soap and running water Use P if fever complaints are felt
As a result of the outbreak of COVID-19 at this time it's good if complaints can be resolved at home then the action to see a doctor. However, if the complaint is felt to be heavy or a persistent cough until blood comes to the doctor immediately for further treatment. Wear a mask if you see a doctor and avoid using public transportation. Keep a distance from people around at least 1m.

That's all, hopefully it's useful

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