Coughing Up Phlegm And Flu In Children Who Never Recover?

Illustration of Coughing Up Phlegm And Flu In Children Who Never Recover?
Illustration: Coughing Up Phlegm And Flu In Children Who Never Recover?

Morning doctor, my child has had a cold cough this week and has been treated for it. Cough with phlegm but they can’t spit out phlegm. I wonder what is a good cold cough medicine for my child, my child is 4.5 years old and 6.5 years old. At first my little child who got coughs from the HBs flu was just abg. They always get sick with gt. It’s easy to get it if you have a cold with a cold. What does that have to do with their blood type as well? Or immune factors.

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Coughs and colds in you in most cases occur due to allergies, for example due to exposure to excessive cold temperatures, contact with dust mites, pollen, insect dung, animal hair, and so on. It could also, coughing and colds occur due to other reasons, such as airway irritation (such as due to inhalation of certain chemical fumes), viral or bacterial infections, nasal polyps, and so on.

Not all coughs and colds are contagious. Coughs and colds can be contagious usually if they are related to an infection. Children are more prone to contracting this infection because of their relatively weak immune system compared to adults. Close contact with other infection sufferers can further increase the risk of this transmission. Coughs and colds that arise due to allergies and irritations can also occur in several people at once in one community, due to the same trigger. Children with a family history of allergies are also more at risk of developing allergies, so allergic symptoms can appear almost simultaneously when exposed to the same allergens.

It's best if you don't panic. Avoid giving cough or cold medicines to children carelessly, because most cold cough medicines that are sold on the market are not classified as over-the-counter drugs. First do the following tips so that your child's cough subsides:

Avoid using air conditioners and fans too cold Use air humidifiers to increase air humidity in homes and rooms Do not give children greasy, coconut milk, cold, and artificial sweet foods Excessive Give children warm food, brothful, and contain vitamin C Keep children from cigarettes, pollution, and other harmful fumes Give children plenty to drink warm water and fruits Do not let children snack at random If there are adults who are coughing and colds around the house, ask them first to use masks to minimize the risk of transmission to children lots of rest If with the above efforts cough and colds that your child has not improved in 3 days, or other complaints appear, such as fever, shortness, vomiting, etc., do not hesitate to have your children go directly to the doctor or pediatrician so that handled well huh ..

I hope this helps.

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