Coughing Up Phlegm, Nasal Congestion, And Headache And Facial Swelling

Illustration of Coughing Up Phlegm, Nasal Congestion, And Headache And Facial Swelling
Illustration: Coughing Up Phlegm, Nasal Congestion, And Headache And Facial Swelling

My father, 46 years old, has been coughing up phlegm, sneezing, and stuffy nose with severe headaches. There is no fever and tightness. However, when he woke up, his face was like swelling but the swelling disappeared. That’s why doctor? Thank you for the good response and suggest a medicine that is suitable for my father🙏🙏

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A history of coughing up phlegm, nasal congestion, and headaches and followed by complaints of facial appearance that looks swollen when you wake up and then disappear, the possibility of complaints of coughing and nasal congestion can be caused by strep throat, especially if your father is a smoker. Thus, stopping smoking, as well as recovering stamina and health in the next few at home will help recovery from illness. However, if within two days the cough complaint is still disturbing, then it is necessary to check and handle it directly to your doctor.

While there are complaints of swelling on the face in the morning and sleeping, this condition is often caused by pressing the face area with your hands or bolsters when your father sleeps. This emphasis will trigger the collection of fluids in the area of ​​your father's face, so that because of this pressure, your father's face will look fatter or swollen, but after your father is on the move, the blood flow is smooth, then the accumulation of fluid will again disappear and subside. This condition can be controlled by having a comfortable sleeping position and relaxing from the pressure on the face from the hands or any material around your father's sleep. In addition, jugha can be helped by using two to three pillow cushions so that your father's position is not half-seated.

If the cough and nasal complaints have improved or not bothered him, then you should still recommend staying at home while doing the healing and recovery process. So that your father's stamian and endurance are increasing.

And if the complaints of this swollen face is not accompanied by a disturbing complaint, then you can continue treatment. If accompanied by uncomfortable complaints such as tightness or chest pain or other complaints, then this condition needs to be evaluated further. Some unusual conditions or medical conditions that are of concern and cause facial swelling can be:

Heart Disorders
Liver disorders
Kidney disorders
Excessive loss of body protein
Infection or cellulitis

For now, it is sufficient to conduct periodic evaluations and observations relating to the presence or absence of accompanying complaints, the speed and duration of complaints that arise, the speed and duration of complaints disappear, and the general condition of your father. You can ask directly or evaluate each month regarding swelling of the face, so you can help your father to see a doctor if a medical condition is found to be at risk.

If you feel worried or this complaint is getting annoying, you can advise your father to do an examination and evaluation to your internal medicine doctor. However, since Covid-19 is currently on alert, you should consult online or call with your doctor, unless the doctor recommends coming in for an examination immediately. Thus, the doctor will conduct examinations and evaluations which then provide treatment recommendations and further treatment. Investigations are likely to be planned especially if further data and health needs of your father are needed.

For treatment, I cannot provide treatment because I do not know your father's medical history, do not conduct a direct examination. This is to prevent unexpected side effects of the drug. Treatment will be given by a doctor who used to treat your father.

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