Coughing Up Phlegm On A 9 Month Old Baby?

Alodokter. My 9 month old child has a cough with phlegm. Sometimes when the phlegm gets out it also dries. What do you do, Doctor? Does your hearing also interfere with the doctor?

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Between ENT organs (ear nose and throat), there is indeed one connected channel, so inflammation in one organ can also affect other organs. Phlegm cough often occurs due to inflammation in the throat which triggers an increase in mucus production so that it triggers the cough reflex. Later, through the nasopharynx (the throat segment that is located behind the nasal cavity), this inflammation can spread, causing also mucus out of the nose. It could also, this inflammation to spread to the ear through the Eustachian tube, causing abnormal discharge from the ear that is often accompanied by pain, fever, hearing loss, buzzing ears, and many other complaints. Therefore, coughing in children should not be underestimated.

Before treating strep throat which triggers coughing up phlegm, it is first necessary to identify what causes inflammation. Frequently, strep throat is associated with infections, allergies, irritation, dry throat, gastric acid reflux, aspiration, to immune disorders or other diseases. This condition can be treated temporarily with the first few steps as follows:

Give the child more milk and warm water Give the child also a variety of nutritious foods, supplemented with fruits that are rich in vitamin C Don't overdo the child give oily, coconut milk, cold food, and contain artificial sweeteners Don't use the air conditioner or the fan is too cold around the child Use a humidifier water so that the air around the child is maintained humidity Keep the environment around the child so that it is always clean, and protected from substances that are vulnerable to cause allergies Keep the child from cigarette smoke and pollution Do not carelessly give children drugs without a doctor's prescription more severe, such as fever, spasms, fussiness, vomiting, etc., immediately consult your child to the doctor or pediatrician to be handled properly according to the cause huh ..

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