Coughing Up Phlegm With Blood And Weight Loss?

Illustration of Coughing Up Phlegm With Blood And Weight Loss?
Illustration: Coughing Up Phlegm With Blood And Weight Loss?

, I have been coughing for 3 months, these 2 days my cough contains 1 blood (not all red). My sputum test results from positive tb puskesmas, but my blood test in other clinics said negative, I have been taking tb medicine for 2 days. Lately my throat hurts, my tonsils are red and painful when I swallow, sometimes my body also has a fever, my BB is now 52.9 kg from 55 kg, but before that I did reduce my portion of food and got exercise too. I have also taken rotgen photos with no lung spots, and I stated bronchitis, but it was on the 15th of July. What do you think I’m sick of?

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Hi Pascha,

Thank you for asking

Long cough, with blood on his sputum, and weight loss can occur due to various causes, including pulmonary TB (tuberculosis, spots), chronic bronchitis (inflammation of the airways leading to the lungs), pneumonia (inflammation of the lung parenchyma), allergies, lung cancer (malignant tumors in the lung parenchyma), GERD (gastroesophagea reflux disease, backflow of stomach acid to the esophagus), bronchial asthma (increased mucus production and narrowing of the lower airway due to inflammation), peptic ulcers (ulcers in the stomach due to bacterial infection or effects of bronchiale) side drugs), throat cancer, and so on. Pulmonary TB alone usually does not cause sore throat and inflamed tonsils like you are experiencing at the moment. More likely, complaints in your throat and tonsils arise due to tonsillopharyngitis (inflammation of the tonsils and throat). Indeed, it is not impossible that tonsillopharyngitis occurs together with pulmonary TB.

In Indonesia, given the very high TB ‚Äč‚Äčincidence (number 4 highest in the world), and the potential for transmission is also very large, the doctor's vigilance is indeed very high in detecting this disease, especially in patients with typical clinical symptoms like you. TB diagnosis can be made not only based on clinical symptoms, but also from a variety of investigations, such as sputum testing, x-rays, blood tests, and so on. As compared to blood tests, sputum testing is more used as a benchmark in the diagnosis of pulmonary TB given its higher accuracy. If clinical symptoms support, the sputum test results also support the direction of pulmonary TB, so even though your blood and X-ray test results are negative for TB, OAT therapy (anti-TB drugs) can still be given.

Of course, without checking you directly we are not authorized to make a diagnosis of your condition, including determining the appropriate treatment to be carried out. Our advice, you ask for a second opinion by checking yourself back to the doctor or other specialist in internal medicine so that you can be given appropriate treatment huh ..

In order for your complaints to improve, we encourage you to also follow these tips:

Drink plenty of warm water
Do not always eat the meaning of greasy, usurped, artificial sweet and fatty
Expand to eat foods that are easily digested, also fruits that are rich in vitamin C
To reduce fever and pain in the throat and tonsils, take paracetamol medicine first
Get more rest
Regular exercise
Use a mask
Don't throw spit or cough carelessly
Don't smoke, don't approach the smoke too
If there are substances that make you allergic, stay away from these substances
Do not carelessly take other medicines except those prescribed directly by a doctor

Hope this helps ...

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