Coughing When You Are Hungry, Is It Due To Stomach Acid?

Illustration of Coughing When You Are Hungry, Is It Due To Stomach Acid?
Illustration: Coughing When You Are Hungry, Is It Due To Stomach Acid?

, I want to ask if there is a possibility of someone experiencing a cough for more than 8 months due to stomach acid? because I have a history of chronic stomach ulcers, I often cough when I am hungry or at the hour approaching breakfast / lunch / dinner, but after eating there is no cough

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Hello Frika

High stomach acid accompanied by weakening of the "valve" of the esophagus whose function is to prevent stomach acid from rising into the upper digestive tract causing some stomach acid to rise, this is what ultimately causes the esophagus, throat, until the oral cavity eventually becomes irritated. Because the surface of the digestive tract such as the throat, esophagus and oral cavity are unable to adapt in acidic conditions (low pH) so that it eventually causes irritation. This throat irritation causes coughing.

Therefore, patients with acid reflux conditions are expected to always eat regularly with the same routine every day, and if necessary consume small meals between large meals in the hope that the stomach is always filled so it does not trigger excessive stomach acid production. In addition, do not make it a habit to sleep after eating, because this can make some of the contents of the stomach return to the upper digestive tract together with stomach acid which can eventually cause irritation in the upper digestive tract.

Although the information from Frika conveyed that it actually leads to cough related to heartburn, such as cough symptoms only appear when late eating (increased stomach acid production) and symptoms improve after eating, it does not mean that there is no other possibility that can trigger coughing which has not healed for up to 8 months. That is why Frika should check herself back to the doctor directly, so that the doctor can do a series of tests to ascertain whether it is true that the old cough is purely due to gastric acid disease, or is there another cause such as asthma, bronchitis, tuberculosis, due to the effects in addition to drugs, due to exposure to high pollution which also causes coughing in the long term

As for tips and advice for Frika is to make a schedule of eating breakfast-lunch-night, the same every day and is expected to always be consistent to eat always at that hour. For example, breakfast between 06.00-08.00, lunch 11.00-13.00 while dinner between 17.00-19.00. And if you feel hungry between lunchtime Frika can consume snacks. And despite feeling not hungry, but when it is at mealtime it is expected to keep eating.

Also avoid spicy and sour foods, caffeinated drinks (coffee, tea, chocolate). And try to give a distance of 2 hours after eating before bed.

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