Could It Be A Condom Allergy?

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I am a woman aged 24 years. After having sex with my husband (using a condom) my vagina felt itchy and blistered. It hurts. Now after 2 weeks it’s not itchy and sore. But miss V feels “serr..serr” like I’m menstruating, but every time I check it doesn’t come out any fluid. Why is that?

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Hi Pradiptha,

Thank you for asking

Some people do have a hypersensitivity (allergy) to certain substances, including condoms. This hypersensitivity reaction can appear in various forms, from just itching, redness, blisters, blisters, to other more severe reactions.

It is possible that the vaginal itching, blisters, and soreness that you are experiencing is related to the hypersensitivity reaction. However, it is also possible that these complaints arise due to other reasons, for example:

Contact dermatitis (local inflammation of the skin due to allergies or irritation), in addition to condoms, can also be due to spermicides, vaginal deodorizers, certain clothing materials Infections, such as folliculitis, tinea cruris, scabies, candidiasis, genital herpes, chancroid Irritation, such as from scratching , Neurodermatitis collision, etc. Need to clarify what do you mean by the term "serr.. serr.."? Is it like something is coming out of your genitals? This sensation may arise due to one of the above causes.

However, you should determine the cause of your complaint by checking it directly with your doctor. If it really occurs because of hypersensitivity to condoms, the complaint should improve after the condom is removed and no contact again. If necessary, the doctor will perform allergy tests, speculum examination, or ultrasound.

Some initial steps you can take:

Do not scratch excessively or peel the vaginal skin Clean the genitals after every bowel movement Avoid having sex that is risky causing transmission of sexually transmitted infections Change underwear at least 2 times a day Take a shower regularly Avoid stress Hope this helps..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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