Covid Symptoms 19

Illustration of Covid Symptoms 19
Illustration: Covid Symptoms 19

Doc, I was chatting with someone who was suspected suspect because I had interacted with a positive corona person, but the person was wearing a mask and I did not have direct contact with him, and he did not see any symptoms of flu, cough or fever, do I still belong safe? Thank you

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Corona virus is a virus that causes Corona Virus Infection Disease (COVID-19) which spread first in Wuhan, China. Symptoms in COVID-19 patients range from mild symptoms such as colds, cold coughs to typical severe symptoms of pneumonia such as fever, coughing, and shortness of breath. Then followed by muscle aches, headaches, sore throats, until colds. There are also symptoms of chest pain, diarrhea and nausea, vomiting but not much and not significant. A person can get COVID-19 through a variety of ways:

Accidentally inhale saliva splashes (droplets) from coughing or sneezing with COVID-19
Hold the nose or mouth without washing hands first after touching an object affected by a COVID-19 droplet
Close contact with a person with COVID-19, such as touching, chips, or shaking hands

For the diagnosis of COVID-19, there are groupings of patients suspected of being COVID-19 namely OTG (People without Symptoms), suspect (People in Monitoring) and suspect (Patients in Monitoring) which are distinguished by:

Symptoms of fever and / or respiratory problems (coughing, spasms, sore throat, runny nose);
A history of traveling to an infected country or area with local transmission for the past 14 days before symptoms appear;
A history of contact with someone who is positive or strongly suspected of being infected with COVID-19 in the last 14 days before symptoms appear

It says OTG if there are no symptoms but there is contact with someone who is positive for COVID-19 or most likely positive. suspect if the symptoms appear only mild namely one between fever or respiratory problems, plus close contact with positive patients with COVID-19 or a history of travel. Then said suspect if the symptoms that appear are getting more severe and need hospital treatment plus close contact with positive patients COVID-19 or a history of traveling. To avoid transmission, always use a mask every time you interact with other people, even with a cloth mask, besides keeping a minimum distance of 1 meter, and try to stay at home to social distancing so that the risk of transmission is not wider.

Immediately see a doctor if you experience severe COVID-19 symptoms as mentioned above. People suspected of being infected with the Corona virus with severe symptoms should immediately be examined at a referral hospital so that they are given good and proper treatment and a throat swab is checked for diagnosis. So that your immune system can increase, do the following:

Eat nutritious and balanced food
Expand vegetables and fruit
Drink plenty of water, at least 8 glasses per day
Wash your hands often so that cleanliness is maintained and the risk of transmission of the virus decreases
Manage stress
Enough sleep

I hope this helps


dr. Sussy

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