Illustration of Covid
Illustration: Covid

Afternoon doc, I want to ask about the virus that was finally booming, the question is like this, last time I had read an article or copas from a friend via WA, where the corona virus was known, it would die from the sun, so it was suggested for sunbathing, is that really …

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Good afternoon. Thank you for asking

Associated with the virus that will die in the sun until now there has been no official research results about it. Because it is still being investigated further about the relationship between the seasons with the condition of Corona virus infection.

However, one of the Corona virus infections is an infection where healing is from the body's own immune system where the fight is the body's immune system. One way to increase the body's immunity is by exposure to sunlight where with mathari rays there will be metabolism of vitamin D and melatonin which will have an effect on the immune system.

Some other ways are

Increase nutritious food
Avoid stress
Get enough rest
Limit contact with others

Thus information may be useful

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