Illustration of Covid19
Illustration: Covid19

doc, how do health service activities prioritize promkes in overcoming covidia virus19

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Hello Widya, thank you for asking to

Let me introduce myself, Dr. Rio will answer your question.

Indonesia is currently facing a serious health problem, due to the outbreak of Covid-19. In Indonesia alone, there are currently more than 2000 cases recorded today, and many are found in Jakarta and West Java. The spread of this virus is very fast, because the transmission medium is a droplet.

At present the government, and various medical personnel are trying to overcome these problems, and it is true at present prioritizing the promotion of health / promkes, because with the hope of the public will understand, so the transmission rate will be reduced because the community knows how to prevent contracting Covid-19 itself . Nowadays, the digital era, and many health promotions about Covid-19, in almost all mass media, such as how to wash hands properly, correctly, recommend using a mask when traveling, maintaining body fitness, consuming fruit and fiber, consuming multivitamins, resting enough, stay at home, do physical distancing, etc.

That's all the answers I can give, thank you very much :)

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