Cow Milk Allergy?

Illustration of Cow Milk Allergy?
Illustration: Cow Milk Allergy?

Hello. Do you want to consult my son, 22 months old yesterday, I was hospitalized because of symptoms of milk allergy, diarrhea, bloating, and now it has begun to improve with the advice of local doctors to replace soy. Kamarin used to consume her cow’s milk, but for 3 days, it appeared swollen in the eyes and appeared in the mouth and around the body, maybe a little bit stretched, sometimes scratching. But this I replaced with vanilla flavor. What do the doctors think?

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Hi Arista,

Thank you for asking

The appearance of swelling and itching in the eyes, mouth, and almost all other body parts most likely indicates an allergy. These allergy triggers can vary, ranging from food, milk, cold, dust mites, or other substances. When exposed to substances that cause allergies, the body mistakenly considers these substances as dangerous, when in fact they are not. As a result, the body will release a variety of chemical mediators that play a role in modulating the appearance of allergic symptoms, including what your child is experiencing. This condition is closely related to genetic (hereditary) and environmental factors.

If judging from the information you submit, it is probable that the current condition is triggered by improper consumption of formula milk. However, it does not rule out there are also other allergens that trigger it. In addition to allergies, swelling and itching like what your child is experiencing might also arise due to other causes, such as insect bites or other animals, side effects of drugs, and so on.

You should not let this happen protracted. Check your child directly to the doctor or pediatrician so that your child's condition can be treated further. Make a record of the types of food and drinks your child consumed during the past week, and tell the doctor so that the doctor can evaluate what possible substances that make your child experience these symptoms. With prompt and precise management, often your child's condition is harmless.

At this time, you should focus on making the following efforts:

Don't panic Give your child more water (There is no need for a 22-month-old child to consume formula milk. If you are still able to give him ASI, just give him ASI. If your child has no appetite problems, just give him a variety of nutritious foods, accompanied by with water) Do not carelessly give children drugs without doctor's advice Avoid other substances that have the potential to trigger allergies in your child Hope it helps huh ..

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