Cow’s Milk Allergy

Illustration of Cow’s Milk Allergy
Illustration: Cow’s Milk Allergy

After drinking fresh cow’s milk, I always feel dizzy after a few minutes. Am I allergic to cow’s milk or is there another cause huh Doc?

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Hello Endah, thank you for asking at

Allergy is an excessive body response / immune reaction to a certain object / thing that generally does not cause an overreaction to other people. Things / triggers for this reaction are very diverse, including cow's milk can be one of the triggers of allergic reactions in some people.

Symptoms of an allergic reaction to cow's milk can generally be:

 Redness of the itchy rashes around the mouth Swelling of the lips, tongue or eyelids Vomiting Shortness of breath accompanied by wheezing sounds Diarrhea Abdominal cramps Watery nose Watery eyes If based on the description of the general symptoms above, then your complaint is not typical for an allergic reaction to milk cow, but the possibility is still there and needs to be examined further to the doctor to be evaluated so that it can be determined whether related or not, or caused by other conditions such as stomach acid disease, lack of blood sugar, or food poisoning.

Meanwhile, if you really feel uncomfortable every time you consume cow's milk (whether fresh or packaged), it helps you avoid consuming cow's milk and replace it with other milk such as soy milk, almond milk, goat's milk and others. If you still want to consume cow's milk, make sure the packaging of cow's milk is in good and clean condition, the condition of the milk is still suitable for consumption and cook the milk before consuming it.

I hope this helps.

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