Cracked Teeth Due To Stirrup.?

Illustration of Cracked Teeth Due To Stirrup.?
Illustration: Cracked Teeth Due To Stirrup.?

Sok I want to ask whether it is normal if after mounting stirrup teeth become cracked, cracked like a hair?

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Stirrup (braces) can be used to overcome a variety of problems in the teeth and mouth, for example improving the position of uneven teeth, smoothing overcrowded teeth (too much), fixing the position of one jaw that is more advanced or more backward than the other jaw, and so.

Although the purpose is good, stirrup installation is not without side effects. Even though it is very rare, the tooth can also become cracked due to the installation of brittle. Cracking of these teeth can occur due to mechanical injury in the process of dental installation, or it could also be due to the condition of the teeth that are attracted very strongly by braces. However, before checking your complaint to the dentist, you should not first conclude that your teeth are cracked. The appearance of a line resembling a hair on a tooth does not always indicate a tooth that is cracked. It could also, this appearance occurs because of the dirt or food debris that sticks around the teeth to form a black silhouette resembling hair.

You should check yourself to the nearest dentist so that you are given the best treatment. If it is true that your teeth are cracked, then the doctor can overcome this by simply observing, making fillings, installing tooth roots, or other actions. At this time, you should not pull or shake your teeth that have excessive complaints huh .. Brush your teeth carefully using a toothbrush with soft bristles, then proceed with gargling using an antiseptic mouthwash. Avoid consuming food that is too hard to prevent broken teeth.

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