Crackles And Urine Mixed With Blood.?

Hello, I’m beautiful 19th. I want to ask, it has been more than 3 weeks for me to play around a week ago. I have been taking medicine to buy in a pharmacy, but it is better, 3 days ago, my stomach is getting worse, every time I urinate, it feels very painful, and every time I urinate, fresh blood comes out. many sometimes there are even blood clots. Even though I have menstruated for about 2 weeks, blood also comes out only when I urinate only. Now, if you urinate, it always hurts and your vagina is swollen. Please answer, thank you

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I understand your concern about that. Blood from the genitals in women can be sourced from the uterus (menstruation or the rest of menstruation), but can also come from the urinary tract. There are several conditions or diseases that can cause these symptoms, including:

Urinary tract infections, which are infections caused by bacteria, or fungi in the urinary tract. This disease is more common in women, because the position of the female urinary tract is shorter and relatively closer to the anus. This condition can be accompanied by fever and often urination.

Bacterial vaginosis, is an infection of the vagina caused by bacteria. This condition can cause symptoms of swelling and pain in the vagina, and also vaginal discharge.

Abnormal uterine bleeding, which is an abnormal menstrual cycle pattern, can be more frequent than normal, or produce more blood than normal.

If you take pain medication, it is natural that symptoms do not decrease if the source or cause of the disease has not been treated. I advise you to check with a general practitioner, internist, or urologist, so that a more complete examination and treatment is given.

On the other hand, you don't need to worry because generally if handled properly, this condition can be cured. As for things you can do at home, including:

Consume lots of water
Avoid holding urine, or sitting for too long a duration
Maintain cleanliness of the vagina
When washing the vagina, do it in one direction only, ie from front to back, not vice versa, or both directions. This aims to reduce the risk of transferring germs or bacteria from the anus to the urinary tract and vagina.
While maintaining nutritional needs are still met, because it is important for endurance and the healing process of the disease
If the pain is very annoying, you can still take anti-pain medication that is sold freely at the pharmacy, with the dosage listed on the package. But keep in mind that it is not recommended to use anti-pain medication in the long term, especially without a doctor's recommendation.

Thus, hopefully can help you.

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