Cramps Pain After HSG Examination (hysterosalfingography)?

Illustration of Cramps Pain After HSG Examination (hysterosalfingography)?
Illustration: Cramps Pain After HSG Examination (hysterosalfingography)?

In the morning, my doctor wanted to ask, right away, I had a hsg test and it felt so painful that now it was natural and I had to take medicine to get rid of the pain in the cramps from the doctor.

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Hello Septian,

Thank you for the question.

HSG examination (hysterosalfingography) is done by inserting a small flexible tube into the vagina to reach the uterus through the help of a special instrument, the speculum (cocor duck). In this examination, you will generally be asked to lie down in a special examination chair, with your knees bent and legs wide apart. From this flexible hose will then be added a contrast dye that can flow to the reproductive organs, so that it will be absorbed by the body. Next, recording the results of absorption of the contrast dye will be recorded to assess whether or not there is blockage. The doctor can also direct you to change your body position during the examination in order to get a better picture of the various angles of your reproductive organs. Then, after the examination is complete, the hose will be removed, then the doctor will give you anti-pain medication and antibiotics to relieve pain and prevent infection, and allow you to go home.

The uncomfortable sitting position during the implementation of HSG, coupled with the process of the flow of contrast dye in the fallopian tubes, can indeed make people undergoing HSG feel pain and abdominal cramps which are quite severe. Often, within 1-3 days, as long as proper treatment is taken, including rest and consumption of post-HSG drugs as prescribed by the doctor, this pain and cramps will improve.

Try to do the following steps first:

Rest more, elevate the position of your feet, such as being propped up by a pillow or hung up
Do not carelessly massage areas of pain and cramps
Compress abdominal pain and cramps with warm water
Take post-HSG medication from a doctor, if the pain reliever has run out, you can continue by taking the drug paracetamol
Drink more
Use comfortable clothes, not tight
Do not always have excessive sex
Eat and drink nutritiously
Always keep your internal organ hygiene well

However, if the pain and cramps are increasingly disturbing, do not improve until more than 3 days, or appear more severe complaints, such as fever, vomiting, abnormal vaginal discharge, abnormal vaginal bleeding, and so on, it's good to check yourself back to a doctor or a gynecologist ... It is feared, this pain arises due to other causes, such as endometritis, salpingitis, urinary tract infections, and so on that need further treatment.

Hope this helps ...

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