Crashes Like Acne On The Vagina And Feel Pain?

my pagina is bumpy like pimples. Then there is bleeding like menstruation. But the color is different, the color of the item is thick and lumpy, mixed with liquid … I thought it was menstruating. But it’s only been a while for a few days. I also checked with the doctor, but it was only damp from the CD.

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Hello, Pel Dare to Be Different, Thank you for asking

Previously must be distinguished first whether the lump is in the vagina (deep burrow) or vulva (the outside of the vaginal reproductive organs). Some possible causes of lumps in female reproductive organs for example:

1. Folliculitis (inflammation of the hair follicles)

2. Fordyce spot / oil gland

3. Cyst / lump filled with fluid

4. Genital herpes

5. Genital warts

Meanwhile, bleeding from the vagina can be menstrual bleeding or not. It must be seen again whether bleeding from the vagina comes during the menstrual cycle or outside the menstrual cycle. Menstrual cycle starts from the first day of menstruation until the first day of the next menstruation, normally between 21-35 days. If vaginal discharge comes before 21 days or after 35 days, it can be said that the bleeding is outside the menstrual cycle. If the bleeding is outside the menstrual cycle, or accompanied by abdominal pain, bleeding / pain during / after sexual intercourse, low back pain, urination disorders, you should see a doctor for examination.

So, check with your doctor again if the complaint has not improved or accompanied by signs as above. Your doctor will look at the shape of the lump, do a physical examination, ask you about the course of the disease you are experiencing, as well as conduct additional examinations if needed, such as a complete blood test, ultrasound, urine test.

Treatment depends on the cause. However, to prevent worsening, keep the area of ​​reproductive organs clean by diligently rinsing it with clean water after every toilet or having sexual intercourse, avoid having risky sexual relations, wear clothes that absorb sweat, keep your genitals clean and dry. Do not squeeze / hold the lump to prevent additional injury or infection.

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