Creambath Ginseng For Pregnant Women?

Illustration of Creambath Ginseng For Pregnant Women?
Illustration: Creambath Ginseng For Pregnant Women?

In the afternoon, I want to ask if ginseng cream is allowed for pregnant women

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Good morning, thanks for asking at Ginseng is one of the most famous herbal plants in the world because of its properties as a traditional medicine. In general, there are two types of ginseng that are often used, namely American ginseng and Korean or Asian ginseng. Although it has different types, in general ginseng is considered to contain ginsenoides which makes it very nutritious.

Starting with American ginseng, this plant has been used to boost the immune system, respiratory infections, and reduce blood sugar levels in diabetics. Ginseng is also claimed to increase appetite and improve the digestive system.

As for Korean ginseng, among the benefits it claims so far are overcoming erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, improving postmenopausal women's health conditions, treating lung disease, and multiple sclerosis.

Even though it is considered to have many benefits, it does not mean that ginseng consumption is without side effects. Among those who should avoid or be careful about consuming ginseng are those who are pregnant and breastfeeding because especially for pregnant women, research says that ginseng can affect the uterus and cause birth defects.

Although it is true, using ginseng as a nutrient for consumption and using it as a creambath content are indeed two different things, but so far there has been no further research regarding whether or not the use of ginseng as a creambath content is safe for pregnant women. It is not clear how much ginseng the body absorbs during the creambath process, so to be safe, we recommend avoiding the use of these ingredients during pregnancy. We wish you a smooth pregnancy and childbirth.

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dr. Amadeo D. Basfiansa

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