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Illustration: Crowded?

, why does my stomach feel hard, I feel hard and my breath feels hard

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Complaints in the form of symptoms of heartburn accompanied by tightness may be due to the following medical conditions:

Inflammation of the stomach / gastritis / ulcer: often caused by eating too late, or consuming foods that irritate the stomach, such as spicy food and acidic gastric ulcers, which are ulcers in the stomach. Pain is usually felt immediately after eating. It can be caused by repeated inflammation or a long period of time, it can also be caused by taking painkillers for a long time. Inflammation of the pancreas. Heartburn usually penetrates into the back Duodenal ulcers: Pain usually gets better after eating, and gets worse 2-3 hours after eating Panic attacks, which are psychiatric conditions in which a person experiences panic at certain times and symptoms such as tightness, choking, heartburn, chest palpitations, headache. There is no clear cause for this condition. It is sudden and generally subsides within a short period of time. Heart attack. Apart from tightness and heartburn, chest pain like squeezing is the main symptom of this disease. To ascertain the cause of your complaint, it is better to have further check with a general practitioner first for an in-depth interview and check your digestive tract or cardiovascular system. If necessary, the doctor will perform investigations or refer you to an internal medicine specialist for further tracking.

The things that should be done to reduce complaints and prevent worsening are:

Eat regularly. Limit spicy foods and foods that are too acidic. Avoid soda, smoking and alcohol consumption. Limit use of pain medications in the long term. If indeed you have to take pain medication in the long term, consult your doctor so that you can consider providing anti-pain medication that is safe for your stomach Avoid sleeping less than 2 hours after eating Consume 2 liters of water per day Treat stress well So many explanations from me, hope it helps and useful :)


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