Crown Of Teeth Eroded

Illustration of Crown Of Teeth Eroded
Illustration: Crown Of Teeth Eroded

Hello, dokI am 20 years old, like sweet food and drink coffee. Then, my upper molar teeth eroded a little and I feared that they would erode even bigger. Can eroded crowns be treated or repaired?

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Hello Nathania,

The part of the tooth that appears outside the gums is called the crown of a tooth. The outer crown of a tooth is a layer of enamel / enamel of the tooth, inside there is a dentin, and the innermost is a dental pulp that runs to the roots of the teeth which have nerves and blood vessels.

Dental crowns can be damaged by caries (cavities), but they can also be caused by non-caries causes. Damage and erosion of non-carious tooth enamel can result from:

The way to brush teeth is wrong, too hard and the direction of brushing is not right
The habit of using toothpicks excessively
Eating bulimia, stomach acid from vomiting erodes teeth
Salivary pH disturbances, influenced by sweet foods, too acidic foods
Certain types of toothpaste
Frequently bleaching teeth

Tooth enamel that has been eroded cannot "grow" again. When tooth enamel erodes (transparent), the previously white teeth will start to look yellowish because the dentin begins to be more visible.

Using toothpaste containing fluoride can stimulate remineralization of enamel, so the enamel will be denser and harder (not easily eroded). The dentist can also take action to use a filling / coating material to protect the thinner (though temporary) part of the enamel. In certain cases, dental crowns can be considered.

* Because of the Covid-19 outbreak, avoid traveling outside the house if there is no urgent matter or emergency. Avoid temporarily to the dentist if there is no medical emergency or there is no urgent abnormality that needs to be seen by a doctor or the specified dental control time can be consulted to be pushed back based on your dentist's recommendation.

Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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