Crust On Baby’s Ears?

Illustration of Crust On Baby’s Ears?
Illustration: Crust On Baby’s Ears?

Hello, my baby’s Tlinga leaves are often crusty, why aren’t they also removing the smell but not removing the liquid? … thanks …

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In general, ear wax will be produced in both infants and adults aimed at protecting the ear from germs or foreign objects. However, if the earwax appears to be smelly or yellow white liquid, it is necessary to consider the possibility of an infection in the middle ear that can be caused by bacteria or viruses. Some symptoms that need attention are

Yellowish white liquid comes out

Loss of appetite because it makes chewing and swallowing painful.

Difficulty sleeping because lying down position makes the ear infection more painful, so the baby becomes difficult to sleep.

Fever which is an immune response to fight infection.

The appearance of pain is often crying and more fussy

Hearing difficulties and body imbalance problems The buildup of fluid in the middle ear can interfere with hearing. If the infection has spread to the inner ear, there will be disturbance of body balance, which is usually seen in children who can walk, that is, from how to walk unstable

Some things you can do to prevent deterioration are

- Warm compresses
- Maintain adequate fluid so that swallowing helps open the channel between the ear and mouth so that the fluid trapped in the ear helps to flow
- Raise the child's head which improves sinus drainage
- Avoid using pacifiers because pacifiers will soothe the baby so that the risk of recurrent ear infections.
- Give ASI which can increase the immune system
- Position when the breast milk is semi-erect so it does not flow into the channels that are in contact with the ear
- Keep away from exposure to cigarette smoke

If the complaint persists or is burdensome, you should consult an ENT specialist for further treatment and prevent permanent damage to the hearing organ.

Thus the information we can convey. May be useful. Thank you

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