Crust On The Crown Of The Baby’s Head?

Illustration of Crust On The Crown Of The Baby’s Head?
Illustration: Crust On The Crown Of The Baby’s Head?

, baby’s head has a crust. Then clean it with cooking oil. Is that dangerous ??

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Hello Bundany Dekarsyila, thank you for asking at

Reading the complaints experienced by your child, there are several possible conditions that can cause these complaints, such as:

Seborrheic dermatitis in children (cradle cap)
Contact dermatitis
Atopic eczema
Fungal infections of the head

To ascertain which conditions are causing complaints for your child at this time, then you should bring your child to be examined by a dermatologist for an assessment of the condition of the scalp directly. Your doctor may take a small sample of the crust on your child's head to be examined under a microscope to help determine what is the cause, and may also advise your child to undergo other examinations such as skin patch tests, blood tests and others depending on your child's doctor's decision. After determining what conditions are causing it, then the doctor will determine whether this condition is dangerous or not and also determine what therapy should be given for your child's current condition.

In the meantime, you can try the following to help remove the crust, such as:

Massaging your child's scalp gently using your fingers or using a soft comb
Clean your baby's head using shampoo at least once a day with a special, crusty scalp shampoo
Apply pure natural oil (olive oil or almond oil, don't use cooking oil because it can irritate baby's skin) to the crust on the head in small amounts and leave for 15 minutes, comb gently and clean using shampoo and dry with a towel soft one.

I hope this helps.

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