Cry Often At Night?

Illustration of Cry Often At Night?
Illustration: Cry Often At Night?

Good afternoon, sorry I want to ask. I am 16 years old and I am depressed because of the atmosphere at home that is not supportive, like my parents’ quarrel. And I often cry and get dizzy. Sometimes I also can’t control my emotions, I hurt myself. And I often think about committing suicide, sometimes I also feel afraid of everything. And every night I cry often. If I may know what kind of problem I have “Is this a serious illness or what ?? Thank you ^^

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Hello Suhesty,

Thank you for asking

Judging from the details of your complaint, it is likely that you are experiencing depression. Depression itself is included in mood disorders that make a person continue to feel sad and lose interest in things that were previously liked. This condition arises with a very heavy intensity that affects the way people think, behave, and trigger disturbances both physically and emotionally. Not infrequently, because the burden of the mind is too heavy, the sufferer even thinks of ending his own life to be free from the problems that ensnare him.

Various factors can lead to depression, including due to family conditions that are not harmonious. Problems with education, friendship, loss of loved ones or objects, hormonal fluctuations, and imbalances of chemical compounds in the brain can also contribute to this condition.

Before it's too late, you should check up directly to the doctor or psychiatrist. The possibility of a variety of other types of psychiatric disorders, such as bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, psychiatric disorders related to alcohol or drugs, etc. can also be evaluated by a doctor with in-depth psychiatric interviews or accompanied by several other supporting tests. Furthermore, treatment can be given by doctors with drugs, psychotherapy, cognitive therapy, group therapy, and so on. Our advice for you at this time:

Not thinking about something is too complicated
Rest assured, that God is the master of life, therefore, if you have a problem, ask Him to provide the best solution
Improve the quantity and quality of your worship
Do not hesitate to express your complaints to parents, relatives, friends, doctors, religious leaders, or other people you trust can help you find the best solution for your problem
Keep yourself busy with positive activities, which function well in developing your potential
Make yourself valued with your achievements
Expand your relationships, don't isolate yourself
Always live a healthy lifestyle, stay away from cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol

Hope this helps ...

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