Crying Babies Every Time They Want To Sleep At Night

Illustration of Crying Babies Every Time They Want To Sleep At Night
Illustration: Crying Babies Every Time They Want To Sleep At Night

Doctor, I want to ask, my child is 3 months over 15 days old. He often cried and fussed if he wanted to sleep at night and his sleep hours were still not regular, why is that doc? How to overcome it?

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Hello Princess,

Thank you for the question.

When in the womb, the baby does not know the difference day and night, because the condition of the mother's womb is so comfortable for her. According to many sources, during the day the baby will sleep more because it feels like being rocked by the mother. So, at night, he will be more active when the mother is resting. This habit can continue to carry over until after he was born into the world. This is what makes most babies will be awake at night, and fall asleep during the day early in life.

With good habituation, this baby's sleep patterns can generally begin to be modified within 1-6 months. But of course, this is not obtained by instant means. The crying and fuss that your baby is experiencing is most likely due to him being too sleepy. Can also, crying and fussing indicates that he is thirsty, feel uncomfortable in his body (for example, itching, pain, colic, runny nose, nausea), or also the condition of the environment that is actually uncomfortable (for example glare, noisy, hot, too cold).

So that this condition is resolved properly, the following steps you can do:

During the day, encourage your baby to be active according to his age, feed him regularly once every 1-3 hours, make the atmosphere of the house so bright and crowded as usual
At night, reduce activities with the baby, condition the house to be dim and quiet, play the lullaby, give the baby comfortable clothes, make the bedroom comfortable, not moving, but not too cold
Make a schedule of activities, ranging from waking, nursing, bathing, playing, to regular sleep for the baby
Make sure the baby's body is always clean, diapers are always dry, do not experience complaints that make him fussy
When the baby is fussy, calm him, by hugging him, stroking his back, gently patting his buttocks, singing a hum that makes him comfortable

Your baby's condition looks very abnormal like the previous days, or if you find your baby experiencing complaints, such as fever, hard stomach, bowel obstruction, cough, runny nose, skin rash, vomiting, etc., do not hesitate to check it out go directly to the doctor or pediatrician to be handled properly according to the cause huh ..

I hope this helps.

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