Cure For ITP?

Illustration of Cure For ITP?
Illustration: Cure For ITP?

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ITP (idiopathic trombocytopenic purpura) occurs when the body mistakes platelets as dangerous substances, so that the immune system attacks and destroys them. Due to low platelets, bleeding can easily occur. The cause is not known with certainty, it is suspected that it has something to do with previous viral infections, for example measles.

The treatment of ITP includes suppressing the immune system, one of which is with corticosteroid drugs, as you are taking. Indeed, this treatment requires a dose adjustment as well as quite a lot of side effects, such as moonface, increased blood sugar, weight gain, and osteoporosis. However, this corticosteroid treatment is the easiest to obtain.

There are other methods, including:

Thrombopoietin receptor agonist to increase bone marrow production IVIG (intravenous immunoglobulin) Other immunosuppressant therapy, eg rituximab Removal of the spleen

These therapies are usually used in cases that do not respond well to corticosteroids. The availability of this therapy needs to be confirmed by the doctor who treats you. Of course, the doctor who treats you has considered the most suitable treatment for you.

ITP therapy often takes a long time. We recommend that you control your doctor to find out your condition and how the next steps. To help prevent bleeding and heal, do:

Avoid activities that allow injury, for example boxing or other martial arts. Not drinking alcoholic beverages, because they can reduce platelet production. Do not use any drug without a doctor's prescription, including aspirin and ibuprofen


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